Justin at 7.5 months

Justin at 7.5 months
his first pontoon boat ride

Austin at 1 year

Austin at 1 year
when dandelion seeds are still cute

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Selah's arrival and a few other things.

These pics are not in order.

This was the day Selah was born.

Reading Sports Illustrated.

Loved this pic of a double rainbow a few weeks back.

This was 2 days after Selah was born. Lily went looking for me in the house and here is where she ended up....in the dining room bay window.

This was the cherub choir singing at church. This pic cracks me up.

The kids preparing for Selah's birth 5 days before she arrived.

Selah within a minute of being born.

The 2 midwives on either side of me have been my 2 lead midwives for all 4 births.

Selah's first bath at 8 days old.

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